A Working Nightmare

November 30, 2008

Sleep. How long had it been? 3 days? Four?

it had been so long.

working the night shift can kill you. Slowly. First the mind goes, then the body. Memory fades, speech. Hunger grows and grows in an attempt to extract vast amounts of energy to keep this body going, a struggle against nature. Caffeine, sugar, quick fix burgers. Anything. Everything.

Food, food. A constant stimulation of the body.

Sleep. The travel was killing me. The cold was torturing me. Keep moving. Find a movie theater, a paid respite for 90 minutes. An escape into a movie narrative world, music and images, speech and dialogue.

a nap on the bus, not real sleep. I jolt awake. I stride home, quickly. Maybe I can snatch 3 hours of rest, before I head out again. Sleep, sleep. The coffee destroys my dreams.

work, work. The night shift.

Welcome to Hell.